10 Essential Items for Travelling

Blog Feature Image - 10 Essentials for Travelling

For most business travellers, packing for a business trip becomes easier and easier over time.  Packing for a leisure trip with family or your partner takes more thought and preparation.  Novice business travellers will find that researching their destination will lessen anxiety a great deal.

Here are ten items that we regard as essential for travelling, whether it is for business or leisure:

1. Travel Documents

You will not be able to leave the country, of course, without your passport. If you travelling within South Africa, your ID document will suffice. If you are hiring a vehicle, you will need your drivers’ licence and possibly the credit card that you used to make the reservation. Always check this when you pre-book your car hire. Keep your personal documents safe at all time and do not trust strangers with them at any time, especially not in a foreign country.

2. Prescription Medication

Another very important travel essential is prescription medication. To be safe, do not remove your medicine from its original packaging as custom officials may want to see this. Be sure to calculate the length of your stay to see that you will not run out and plan a trip to your pharmacy in advance.

3. Electronics

For a business trip, your laptop, laptop charger, cell phone and cell phone charger are vital. If you are planning to go on an excursion or two, then remember your camera to capture special moments.

4. Keys

Staying at a friend’s holiday home? Remember the keys. Getting to your destination only to realise that you can’t enter your holiday abode will be tragic…

5. Money & Cards

Yes, this one is obvious, but imagine arriving at your hotel to check in only to realise that you forgot that all important credit card in your pair of jeans at home. It is always wise to have some cash on hand for unexpected minor events that can be sorted out quickly without having to find an ATM to draw money.

6. Umbrella / Windbreaker

The weather can be unpredictable – image a sudden cloud burst on your way to a very important meeting that could make or break a business deal. Having an umbrella at hand can save your outfit and possibly the day.

7. A Notebook & Pen

Not only will a moleskin notebook look professional but will save the day when you need to take down important notes if technology has failed you.

8. A Travel Adapter

This is particularly helpful if you are travelling abroad and eliminates the worry about finding a plug adapter for your electrical gear once you’re at your hotel.

9. Carry-On Luggage

We recommend that you keep your essential electronics, one set of clothes and your reading material in your carry-on luggage. If there is a problem with luggage that’s gone missing, you will still be able to dress and prepare for your important business meeting.

10. Business Cards

Especially for business travel. Nothing worse than meeting good contacts and not being able to trade business cards. Professional business cards leave a lasting impression in meetings and makes it easy to connect and remember names and faces.

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